Tips To Find the Best Moving Company

When making a list of potential movers & packers, ensure that the companies you put down on your list are reputable with bonded and trained employees on their payroll. We have all heard about moving-day tragedies and the disastrous consequences of hiring fly-by movers. You must take due care and ensure you carry out all your checks to make sure the moving company you plan to entrust your belongings to is right for the job. In the case of residential moves to a new house, try and schedule the move for the day after you actually take possession of your new place. That way, you can save plenty of time and avoid the hassle of waiting around for the house keys to be delivered. It would also save the moving company a great deal of annoyance in having to wait for you to get your things in order.

Since summer is the peak season for moving, you should probably try and choose the off season (mid-September to mid-May) if possible, or even mid-month if you wish to save money. Choosing a moving company that provides affordable moving services will help you save a little more. Valuable items and important documentation should be carried with you in your car. You’re better off keeping those items in your personal care at all times no matter how good and reputable your moving company may be. After all, is the risk of losing those items really worth it? Imagine everything you would have to go through in case those items are lost or misplaced? Always be prepared for such eventualities. Make sure you opt for insurance coverage. While that may add to the cost of moving, it can be invaluable in case of an unforeseen and unfortunate occurrence.

Most quality moving and storage companies offer you the option of insurance at reasonable costs so there is no reason why you shouldn’t apply for it. However, be careful of companies that claim that their insurance covers all items. Specialty items are covered under a different kind of insurance, which is why you should also insist that the moving company inspect your goods firsthand prior to giving you a written estimate. Companies that agree to provide you with a quote over the phone or the internet without first seeing your belongings should warrant your suspicion since they could be rogue ones. Always make sure the moving company, providing you with affordable moving services, knows exactly what you’re planning to move and that they send over a representative to inspect all the items that are to be counted towards moving costs.

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